Avast Ultimate Review

The avast Ultimate is an antivirus software program that offers all-encompassing protection for smartphones, computers and tablets from malware such as ransomware, spyware, viruses, and more. The program is loaded with powerful security features, such as advanced anti-tracking protection as well as an VPN for optimum online privacy as well as top tuneup and cleanup tools. Its sophisticated malware engine has the highest detection rate during my tests and it even identified some phishing attacks that were able to get past both browsers' default security features.

This is the most comprehensive package that Avast offers with their top security and performance features into a comprehensive suite. Its advanced antivirus cybersecurity guards against all types of malware including ransomware. It also comes with an VPN to ensure maximum online privacy Top tuneup and cleanup tools, as well as a password manager. The Wi-Fi Inspector tool scans your home or business network for any vulnerabilities, and its AntiTrack feature works to prevent online trackers from acquiring and distributing your personal data.

All of these features can be accessed through both Windows and Android devices. Multi-device licensing lets you use the program on up to 10 different platforms at once. Avast offers a single device option in addition to the more advanced Avast Cleaning Premium feature.

Avast’s security suite is intuitive and easy to use. Multi-device licensing makes it a great choice for families. Its free version is more than adequate to safeguard against malware. The customer support is good, but it takes some steps to seek assistance from a human.

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